The original SubOhm Box unregulated mechanical runs on two high amp 18650s ran in parallel (sold seperately) providing more amps available for your lower builds as the amp draw is split between both batteries. Also put two 3000mAh batteries in it and you have an effective 6000mAh battery life which is huge.


This box is simple but very effective, it has a BB style clicky button to fire your atty or tank, no adjustable wattage or voltage buttons or dials.

The wattage will be dependent on the resistance of your coils versus the available battery voltage, there is however a lcd screen that displays the voltage of your batteries (inline voltmeter) when the atty is unscrewed, and when the fire button is pressed with an atty or tank attached it will display the voltage under load so you know when you should swap the batteries out for another pair.


The mod has an adjustable 510 pin and a mosfet to take the load off the switch so you get the pure direct current feel of unregulated power, there is an Illuminati style logo lazer etched on one side with the words "Vape like they're watching" inside the triangle.


These are very rare now, a collector's item for sure.

SubOhm Box v1 Unregulated Mechanical Mod

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